Windstorm Tips & Coverage

Milford, Orange, Stratford the best time to get ready for a storm is well before the winds blow and the pounding rain comes!

Protecting Your Property

  • Review your insurance coverage with your independent insurance agent to ensure it is adequate and verify any windstorm deductibles.
  • Most hurricane damage is covered under standard Homeowners policies, but it is important to insure your home and belongings to their full replacement cost at current value.
  • Flooding is generally not covered under standard Homeowners policies, so ask your independent agent about flood insurance, which is underwritten by the federal government.
  • If you rent a house or apartment, ask your independent agent about Renters Insurance if you do not already have it.
  • Create an inventory of your possessions and store it in a secure place other than in your residence. If your belongings are damaged, this list will help in filing a claim. Also consider photographing and/or videotaping your contents so you have a visual record of your property.
  • Clear brush, and remove dead branches and trees to reduce the amount of quick-burning fuel or debris that could be blown around by storm winds. Remove outdoor property that is not permanently affixed.
  • If possible, take highly valued items to another, safe location.

If Your Home is Damaged

  • Take precautions for your personal safety and comply with the orders of local emergency management authorities.
  • Notify your insurance agent as soon as possible. Secure your premises before evacuating and provide your agent with contact information.
  • Photograph damaged property and take notes describing the damage. Along with your inventory, these will help your agent and adjuster assess the damage for your claim.
  • Temporary repairs may be authorized to protect against further damage, check with your agent. Keep all receipts for repair work done on your property.
  • If you do make temporary repairs, be sure to engage only reputable contractors. If you are unsure about a contractor’s credentials, contact your claims adjuster, Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce for referrals.

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